If you want to forget about high cost of living, irritation, chronic fatigue, allergy and rejoice in every day, so buy a new life in the southernmost city of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Trebinje.


     Purchasing real estate in Trebinje, you get full comfort living package at the lowest house prices in Europe. You can choose: buy a turnkey light apartment in a new house fitted with elevator, with fine layout, window view of the mountains or river, large loggia and marble-faced entrance hall, or prefer the Old city redolent of age where every house and yard are filled with history and uniquely solved by architecture. In addition, any accommodation is within walking distance of the ancient central square with the City Hall, magnificent old plane trees and traditional daily market. Besides, Trebinje ensures you a mild Mediterranean climate, mountain air, fresh eco-friendly vegetables and fruits which are home-grown without chemicals. Traditions of local natural dairy product and meat production, honey and cheese making will add health and longevity to you, your family and friends. Medical and social service is of high quality and affordable for every citizen.



    Immediately upon your arrival you will be undoubtedly surprised and glad owing to hospitality of local population, polite and "democratic" communication. They’ll be delighted to inform you over a cup of coffee at the numerous cafes and restaurants about local peculiarities of life and cuisine, about sights, help with advice and lead to the place you need, having put off all the affairs. Swimming in Trebišnjica mountain river, walks throughout the cozy city center or genuine mountain paths, year-round fishing, hunting in the most beautiful forests – day-to-day life turns into the comfortable rest.


    Trebinje is located in a lovely valley surrounded by picturesque mountains at the border of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, at a distance of 24 km from famous walled town of Dubrovnik.



    Trebinje has a well-developed infrastructure; there are banks, supermarkets, polyclinics, hotels. You and your children will be able to go in for sports at the different sports classes and fitness centers, swimming lessons take place at the Olympic-size swimming pool. Local public and private educational institutions work pursuant to the modern education programs with the use of state-of-the-art teaching equipment. Respecting elders, honoring traditions and tolerance are fostered from childhood. Unique beaches of the Adriatic Sea, proximity to the numerous ancient Orthodox Churches and monasteries will make your life in Trebinje emotionally rich and interesting. Visa-free entry, easy and rapid registration of real estate acquisition will permit you to feel how to change your life for the better, meeting every new day with good mood!